Looking for the ideal gift for that fantastic magic wine buff in your life you requiring to add a Modern small appliance to your kitchen or bar? The Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Drinkable Chiller, is just the ticket.
The item works as described. It is made of high quality plastic -not the latest cheapo plastic that breaks when you look @ it. Item is a bit sound noisy, but what do you expect for something that is using Cooper Cooler HC01-A a very simple technology to fast & cool your various beverage of choice. So simple and easy to use and maintain. Bravo Cooper Cooler.

This chiller does it’s job of cooling just about any drink in a subject of bits, making it a must have for those eleventh hour details to a political party.
How many times have you been talented a bottleful of your preferent wine and have to wait hours for it to chill in the fridge? That is no playfulness. Comfortably, now you can share a glass of that wine right away with the generous mortal who lent it to you in only a couple of seconds.

Here are a couple of of this terrific chillers feature articles :. Cooper Cooler HC01-A

* It chills around anything, juice bottles, cans, and wine.
* Watch it chill as it rotates your favorite potable and sprays it with cold water.
* Convenient reflexive touch pad with simple preset times and an extra chill fixing that can chill down to thirty four points.
* Simple surgeries by adding water and ice, you can even warm a baby bottle by using hot tap water.

Cooper Cooler HC01-A No other bottle chiller can equate to this one, this one is truly superior in it’s class. With it’s sleek look and invention, anyone would proudly display it on their kitchen replication.

To make this hair raiser even more unparalleled, it also enables you to chill cans and juice feeding bottles as well as your favourite wines. It also has the capablenesses of warming a baby bottle just by simply adding warm H2O.

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